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If you want your ears chewed off and your earholes pumped with the tender melodies of trashcan glam, you should get your mitts on a set of tickets! Now's your chance to see The Boomtown Rats live and in person.


Book your tickets now and blow your mind later... it's a good deal.


May 2023

Let's Rock Cookham

 8th.July 2023


Let's Rock Southampton

 15th.July 2023


Let's Rock Shrewsbury


July 2023

Cavan Ireland

Sold Out

6th August 2023

Rewind North


August 2023


19th August 2023

Rockore, Fife


Many aeons ago, the prophets of Boomtown foretold of a rag-tag bunch that would spew from the retched stench of society's wastelands to emerge as rat revolutionaries, top dog adversaries and socio-political emissaries.

Their mission, to deny, deafen and conceptualise the world's understanding of itself. However, and as to be expected of these futuristic Boomtown Boomers, things didn't go to plan.

The elite team, heralded centuries ago as "the Boomtown Rats", was borne into existence in a surprising turn of events. As the Irish folk-rock sixsome of the same name figured themselves rockstar legends, the prophecy was fulfilled in a whirlwind of bleeding fingers, smoke-filled chests and extreme lapses in judgment. The year was 1975.

Behold now, the Boomtown Rats' interwebular communications platform - a cross-dimensional, sacrificial altar to the gods of olde Boomtown.

Consider this a place to envelope yourself in the fuzziness of four (sometimes six) rampaging rat rumps, their merch and all the latest from the Boomtown Rats.


Want to reminisce over days gone by?


By pressing the button below, you'll be atomized and transported through interwebular time and space to re-arrive in the seventies and eighties.

Subscriptions, Merch and More.



We'll keep our fingers on your pulse. Yeah, a small intrusion into one's personal space never hurt anyone. With that said, we'll be needing your permission first... you know, with all this "we're watching you" malarkey we keep hearing about.

So, as The Rats magically formulate their merch, news pieces, social gabs, gigs and more, we'll think about opening some kind of sign-up thing.

That should do the trick.

In the meantime, here's a finger.

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